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bag of Compost Original Gold made in Rhode Island

Compost Original Gold made in Rhode Island from Rhode Island ingredients.

Text: Rhody Gold(tm) Original Gold is a premium soil enhancer for all garden and landscaping needs. Original Gold is made from a diverse blend of local materials including: food scaps from a wide variety of Rhode Island restaurants and institutional partners, Animal menure from Rhode Island farms (horse, chicken, cow, goat, sheep, and rabbit), Animal manure from Rhode Island zoos (elephant, camel, giraffe), By-product from the Ocean State fishing industry (fish gurry and shells), Coastal seaweed from the ocean state, spent growing medium from Rhode Island mushroom farms, spent coffee grounds from Rhode Island coffee shops, leaves and woodchips from Rhode Island landscapers, Carbon rich bedding from Rhode Island woodworkers (sawdust and wood shavings).

Compost ingredients. (click to enlage)

liquid fertilizer

New locally resourced liquid fertilizer.

red and pink geraniums

Long-time favorites... Geraniums

Blooming planted sunflowers

Blooming Sunflowers

three types of flowers in one pot

Mixed Potted Flowers

pink New Guinea Impatiens

Annuals for 4 hours or less of sun: New Guinea Impatiens

white with purple center Torenia

Annuals for 4 hours or less of sun: Torenia

Million Bells Tropical Sunrise

For 6+ hours of sun: Million Bells Tropical Sunrise

purple Cleome Seniorita Rosalita

For 6+ hours of sun: Cleome Seniorita Rosalita

Botanical Interests garden seeds. Non-GMO.

Botanical Interests garden seeds are here. Non-GMO, always fresh. Time to start planning.

assorted gardening supplies

Gardening Supplies